Hey, I’ve moved!

Just a reminder, again, that I’ve moved! You can find me over at randiwithani.com!


Some major changes coming soon…

I’ve been MIA from my blog for quite some time – my apologies.

Turns out, working full time and obtaining my master’s degree full time, plus maintaining a somewhat long-distance relationship was a bit more time consuming than I anticipated.

But, I graduated and have a little bit more time to focus on the things I’m passionate about (like this blog) and all of the projects, trips, experiences and little things that go into making my blog what it is.

SO, stay tuned. Within the coming weeks, you’ll see some long-awaited new content and a complete facelift in addition to the new brand and URL I’ve got going, which you might have already noticed.


Just a tease!

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What I learned when I totaled my car

I’ve moved! You can find this post here: http://randiwithani.com/what-i-learned-when-i-totaled-my-car/


Stylebook app: a review

I’ve moved! Check this post out here: http://randiwithani.com/stylebook-app-a-review/


DIY reed diffuser

I’ve moved! You can find this post here: http://randiwithani.com/reed-diffuser/


Cubicle makeover; part I!

I’ve moved! You can find this post here: http://randiwithani.com/cubicle-makeover-part-one/